Terms and Conditions of OPLA CRM JOINT STOCK COMPANY

1. Introduction
These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern your use of this Application and any related agreements or legal relationships with the Owner ("Owner"). Capitalized words have specific meanings defined elsewhere in this document. You (the "User") must read these Terms carefully.

2. About the Owner
This Application is provided by: OPLA CRM Joint Stock Company Van Phuc City, 14 Bis Street No.36, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, HCMC, Vietnam Contact email: support@oplacrm.com

3. Important Information for Users Right of withdrawal:
This right applies only to European Consumers and allows them to cancel a contract within a specific period (usually 14 days) for any reason.
Limitations: Certain provisions may only apply to specific User categories (Consumers or Business Users).

4. Terms of Use
These terms apply generally when using the Application. Additional terms may apply in specific situations.

5. User Accounts
To use the Service, Users must register and provide accurate information. Users are responsible for keeping their login credentials confidential and secure. Users are responsible for all activity under their username and password. Users must immediately report any suspected security breaches to the Owner.

6. Account Termination
Users can terminate their accounts at any time by contacting the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to suspend or delete inappropriate, offensive, or violating accounts.
No compensation is offered for suspended or deleted accounts.

7. Content on this Application
The Owner owns or licenses all content on the Application unless otherwise specified. The Owner strives to ensure the content complies with all applicable laws and respects third-party rights. Users can report any concerns about content to the Owner.

8. Rights Regarding Content on this Application
The Owner holds all intellectual property rights for the content. Users cannot use the content beyond what's necessary for using the Service.
Downloading, copying, or sharing content may be permitted for personal, non-commercial use with proper attribution.

9. User-Provided Content
Users are responsible for ensuring their uploaded content is legal and doesn't violate any rights. Users grant the Owner a non-exclusive license to process their content for operating the Application. Users acknowledge that their content is subject to the same terms as other content on the Application. Users are liable for any content they provide.
The Owner can remove content if it receives complaints, infringement notices, or legal orders.

10. Access to External Resources
The Application may provide access to external resources from third parties. The Owner has no control over these resources and is not responsible for their content or availability.

11. Acceptable Use
Users must use the Application and Service lawfully and ethically. The Owner can take measures to protect its interests, including denying access, terminating contracts, or reporting misconduct.

12. Software License
The Owner or its licensors hold all intellectual property rights related to the software used in the Application. Users are granted a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to use the software within the scope of the Service. This license does not grant access to the source code. All rights and licenses terminate upon contract termination or expiration.

13. API Usage Terms
Users who access their data through the Application Program Interface (API) are bound by these Terms and specific API terms. The Owner is not liable for any damages resulting from the User's use of the API or third-party products/services accessing data through the API.

14. Terms and Conditions of Sale
Some Products within the Service are paid. Prices, descriptions, and availability of Products are subject to change.

15. Product Description
Product characteristics are outlined during the purchase process.

16. Purchasing Process
The purchasing process involves choosing a Product and submitting an order.

17. Order Submission
Submitting an order creates a contract and obligates Users to pay the price, taxes, and any additional fees. Users with special requirements (personal information, data, specifications) must cooperate during the order process. Users receive a confirmation receipt upon order submission.

18. Prices
Users are informed about all fees, taxes, and costs before order submission. Prices may be displayed with or without applicable fees and taxes.

19. Methods of Payment
Payment methods are available during.

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