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According to Sirius Decision:

75% of B2B customers stop at the information gathering and quote stage.

80% of B2B customers will buy a competitor's product if you do not pursue it continuously within 2 years.

It is very difficult to continuously stay in touch with customers through Sales efforts alone.


Track behavior and classify potential customer groups

The level of customer interest in a business's products and services is most clearly shown through their interactions on the website. BowNow helps businesses track all customer behavior from page viewing behavior data and customer reactions after each email strategy.

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Keep interacting with customers continuously

The B2B customer buying journey is often long, keeping in touch with customers is necessary. BowNow helps businesses increase their opportunities to reach and nurture potential customers with outstanding Email Marketing features.

Manage customers and standardize sales processes

Replacing form and excel document creation tools, BowNow helps businesses manage customer data more effectively than ever. Systematize the process from Marketing to Sales combined with features to create forms, classify customers by tags, and automatically change customer status based on interaction behavior with the website.

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Marketing Automation software specifically for B2B


Social networks and other content platforms have created a revolution in the world of Digital Marketing...but the harsh truth is:

You do not own social media user data.

Constantly changing the algorithms of social media platforms can limit your ability to reach potential customers,

You also have very little control over what customers see.

Meanwhile, if one of the above platforms crashes or your account is stolen, all your efforts to build a potential customer file will go up in smoke.

Luckily...your prospect email list is different. You own it.

You can completely proactively decide the frequency, content and audience you will receive - without worrying about algorithm changes or any interruption of entertainment content on social networks.

What's more... 99% of your potential customers check their email every day, even before they check social media or check the news.

The number of email users has reached 4.1 billion and is constantly growing, making it unlikely that this "old" means of reaching out will disappear.

Email is still the single best way to nurture leads and help them make purchasing decisions.

But to deploy email marketing effectively, you need a Marketing Automation tool to collect data, classify and send emails automatically.


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