Unlock high value and long Sales cycle B2B deal with extreme insights

OplaCRM offers every essential tool you need for a successful B2B sales journey.

Salesfunnel & Pipeline
360-degree view customer information
Gamification & Intuitive Learning Curve


OplaCRM directs you with precise sales strategies to improve your sales outcomes

More than just customer information

Healthscore by OplaCRM - an effective metric that reflects your customer care and relationship status with accounts on the list.

Red, yellow, blue – with just three colors, keeping up with customers and maintaining relationships has never been simpler.

A broader perspective on market competitors

Competitors play a crucial role in any B2B sales deal. With OplaCRM, your team becomes builders and owners of an industry competitor library. As a result, you gain more insights, make wiser sales decisions, and find greater motivation for refining sales strategies.

Lead scoring sounds good.
But Opla excels with opportunity win probability.

OplaCRM offers a framework and methodology for B2B sales integrated with a mechanism for calculating win probabilities, transforming sales review meetings from painful to meaningful and successful.

Build a healthy pipeline

Visually charted sales funnels enable sales reps to effortlessly monitor customer interactions and follow-up status, while providing insights into the pipeline's health and pinpointing exactly where challenges arise in the sales process.

What’s new this week?

Allocating resources for every opportunity in your sales funnel may seem impractical and unnecessary. Our 'What's New' feature can help.

Let the numbers speak for your team performance

We've moved far beyond the stage where reports only stopped at summarizing and statistics.

To adapt and grow, every business requires smarter tools to forecast business trends, anticipate performance issues as well as promptly implement changes.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why using CRM?

CRM enables you to identify, nurture, and monitor high-quality leads, ensuring efficient allocation of time and resources.

Does OplaCRM offer a trial version?

Yes, you can experience OplaCRM Freemium: complete simple tasks to unlock new features and expand the number of seats for your team.

Is it possible to integrate OplaCRM with other tools?

OPLA stands for Open Platform - our solution easily integrates with other software to support various business operations within your company.

What is OplaCRM Gamification?

Gamification in OplaCRM motivates the sales team and improves user adoption. At Opla, we understand that sales is not simple, so a good CRM should serve as a tool to alleviate burdens and guide sales reps to sell more efficiently.

How long does it take for a team to become proficient in using OplaCRM?

The duration of the OplaCRM onboarding process may vary depending on several factors: team size, complexity of input data, and alignment of OplaCRM withyour business model. On average, SMEs typically require 2-7 working days to complete the onboarding process.
However, for larger enterprises with extensive customization needs, please contact OplaCRM to explore our deployment support packages.


Don’t be an office zombie: Unleash your inner work hero with OPLACRM.