Empower your sales team with robust automation, detailed competitor analysis, customer profiling, and accurate opportunity scoring.

For the first time, the world of B2B sales witnesses a CRM tool that provides a pleasant and enjoyable sales experience, akin to participating in a business game.

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Healthscore in B2B Sales

Who are your regular customers? Who has been neglected? How can you increase opportunity conversion rates?

Try OplaCRM now to benefit from our:

Much more than Customer Information Management

We position ourselves as a technology solutions provider and B2B sales experts, assisting you in:
Successfully transitioning your CRM tools with deployment services carried out by B2B sales experienced professionals, ensuring a smooth, efficient transition tailored to the specific needs of each business.
Guiding your sales strategy and applying best practices in sales management and performance enhancement through software usage and insights from the OplaCRM Business Consultant team.
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Enterprises who trust and succeed with OplaCRM


This is the satisfaction we receive from “OPLA lovers”


Customers continue using OplaCRM from the second year onward

Customers fall in love with ''Opla'' at first sight

“I appreciate OplaCRM's approach to Gamification, where sales performance isn't the solemetric for evaluating employees, particularly new hires. It's great that everyone's contributions are automatically acknowledged.”

Le Anh Linh – DCEO
CMC TS - Top 10 Leading Technology Companies in Vietnam

“From the very beginning of my exposure and acquaintance with Opla software, I have felt extremely excited because I get to enjoy an interesting and simple "Oplaegg" appetizer every morning. OplaCRM empowers me to proactively support sales personnel, rather than needing to request and wait for aggregated customer and project information to facilitate my follow-ups.”

Cao Thi Bich Lieu – Sales Director
Faslink JSC -Leading the sustainable fashion garment industry in the South of Vietnam


Frequently Asked Questions

Why using CRM?

CRM enables you to identify, nurture, and monitor high-quality leads, ensuring efficient allocation of time and resources.

Does OplaCRM offer a trial version?

Yes, you can experience OplaCRM Freemium: complete simple tasks to unlock new features and expand the number of seats for your team.

Is it possible to integrate OplaCRM with other tools?

OPLA stands for Open Platform - our solution easily integrates with other software to support various business operations within your company.

What is OplaCRM Gamification?

Gamification in OplaCRM motivates the sales team and improves user adoption. At Opla, we understand that sales is not simple, so a good CRM should serve as a tool to alleviate burdens and guide sales reps to sell more efficiently.

How long does it take for a team to become proficient in using OplaCRM?

The duration of the OplaCRM onboarding process may vary depending on several factors: team size, complexity of input data, and alignment of OplaCRM withyour business model. On average, SMEs typically require 2-7 working days to complete the onboarding process.
However, for larger enterprises with extensive customization needs, please contact OplaCRM to explore our deployment support packages.