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Gamification in OplaCRM motivates the sales team and improves user adoption. At Opla, we understand that sales is not simple, so a good CRM should serve as a tool to alleviate burdens and guide sales reps to sell more efficiently.
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Forming Habits

Begin with small, achievable goals. Try to maintain your daily activities by finishing some easy challenges suggested while using OplaCRM.

Expected Outcomes: Establish productive habits. Reignite motivation and confidence.

Create a free account and start the journey.

Establishing Lifestyle

Standardize business processes. Stay organized and focused with OplaCRM’s intuitive interface, easy setup and adaptive.

Expected Outcomes:
Develop a consistent, professional lifestyle. Build a solid foundation for lasting success.

OplaCRM is well known as a CRM Intuitive learning curve

Creating Breakthroughs

Push beyond established routines. Innovate and achieve significant milestones.

Expected Outcomes:
Generate ground breaking results.
Maximize team potential.

The #1 CRM for B2B business

Empower your sales team with robust automation, detailed competitor analysis, customer profiling, and accurate opportunity scoring.

Unlock high value and long Sales cycle B2B deal with extreme insights

Best CRM for Outside Sales

We position ourselves as a technology solutions provider and B2B sales experts assisting you with:

Frequently asked questions

How long can I use OplaCRM for free?
Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. Our friendly team will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time and we’ll refund you the difference already paid.
Can other info be added to an invoice?
At the moment, the only way to add additional information to invoices is to add the information to the workspace's name.
How does billing work?
Plans are per workspace, not per account. You can upgrade one workspace, and still have any number of free workspaces.
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Try OplaCRM and Enjoy Your Work

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Game On Sell On

For the first time in the B2B Sales world, a CRM tool brings a totally disruptive experience that you can enjoy like joining a business game.

Free forever

After conquering the final boss of “12-week challenge with OplaCRM”.

Don't be an Office Zombie

Selling should be both enjoyable and rewarding.

All main features

OplaCRM offer a Complete Toolkit for B2B Sales.


Free up to 4 users
Main Features
Contact management
Opla mobile version
Relationship healthscore
Sales goal team
Sales pipeline
Quota management
Opportunity management
100 Mb per user
Win Probability