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CRM is still not widely known in Vietnam. So what is CRM software actually? Why should B2B businesses use CRM? Today, let's learn more about this software with Opla CRM.
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June 28, 2024

in the US, 92% of businesses use CRM from the start-up. For any business, sales and sales management are always the top priority. However, CRM is still not widely known in Vietnam.

So what is CRM software actually?

Why should B2B businesses use CRM?

Today, let's learn more about this software with OplaCRM!


1. What is CRM Software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, this is software that helps businesses manage customers, manage contacts, manage orders, manage the productivity of the Sales team, etc. From there, it helps businesses stay connected with customers, streamline processes and improve business profits.


CRM Software - What is CRM Software Concept?

2. Why should B2B businesses use CRM software?

In the early stages of development, many businesses will manage sales through manual tools such as Excel, Google Sheet,... The use of these tools is highly effective when the business is small, has few personnel, and is highly flexible. However, as the company begins to grow on a large scale, the organization becomes more complex, managers need a more scientific, effective, and sustainable management method. That's why CRM was born!

Here are some of the benefits that CRM software brings to B2B businesses:

a. Effective customer information management:

Compared to traditional management software (Google Sheet, Excel, etc.), CRM software helps businesses manage customer information more efficiently and optimally. Specifically, the software will help businesses standardize customer information, making it easier for members to look up and search for information.

Moreover, when managed with CRM, information is stored safely, easily transformed between levels, businesses do not need to worry about losing customer information if unfortunately employees are negligent and lose it or worse, quit their jobs.

In particular, managers will be able to track sales progress, easily support employees in a timely manner, increase sales success and contribute to sales growth. 


b. Maximize Marketing Cost Savings:

It can be said that Marketing is one of the processes that consumes a lot of resources and costs of businesses. I swear, not all marketing campaigns are highly effective for business.

Through CRM software, managers can easily measure the success of a marketing campaign. From there, promoting investment in campaigns that have a positive impact on the sales process and cut costs for ineffective campaigns, helping businesses save maximum marketing costs.


c. Improve the sales process

Every sales stage is fully stored and updated by the CRM, so that businesses can easily track the entire sales process that has taken place. Through this, managers and sales teams have the opportunity to review the advantages and disadvantages in the sales process, thereby gaining more experience and improving the sales process more and more. 


CRM software that improves the sales process

d. Measure the productivity of your sales team accurately:

Measuring the sales productivity of the sales team is always a difficult problem that makes many businesses have a headache to think about. However, through the data that CRM software collects, it is not too difficult for managers to calculate the sales productivity of the sales team.

Since then, businesses have easily come up with reasonable salary and remuneration policies, contributing to maximizing the sales productivity of the Sales team, effectively growing the company's sales.


3. What role does CRM software play in Marketing and Sales activities?

The functions of a B2B CRM system have a role to play in every stage of the sales process.

For information to be as meaningful as possible, it must be tied to the business's individual sales cycle (also known as a sales funnel or sales pipeline). Connecting these stages in the CRM system will divide the cycle into a number of separate stages that allow for easier tracking and measurement.

This allows you to track every prospect through every stage, helping you improve the way you address customer needs, while also highlighting the stages where customers are sliding out of the sales funnel.


4. Opla CRM – CRM solution for B2B businesses

Opla CRM provides a sales solution that improves sales team productivity and business development for B2B businesses. Specifically, we will bring the following utilities: effectively exploiting leads, improving the winning rate of sales opportunities (Opportunity), managing customers 360° (Account), standardizing the sales process, improving the capacity of the Sales team (Sales Performance)...

From there, it helps businesses stay connected with customers and increase sales.


In particular, Opla CRM specializes in supporting customers who are businesses that follow the B2B (Business to Business) model, which has many characteristics and is completely different from B2C.

With a team of consultants with many years of experience in the field of B2B sales, Opla always strives to bring customers simple, easy-to-use solutions on multiple platforms (Web and Mobile) and bring the highest efficiency.

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