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11 Top B2B Sales Techniques Not Everyone Knows

B2B sales is one of the jobs that is not easy. In the process of working, sales staff often face a lot of difficulties to convince customers to close orders. Therefore, they need to grasp professional and effective B2B sales techniques to help businesses increase sales. In the article below, let's explore the top B2B sales techniques throughout the sales process to help B2B sales increase sales efficiency.
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June 28, 2024

B2B sales is one of the jobs that is not easy. In the process of working, sales staff often face a lot of difficulties to convince customers to close orders. Therefore, they need to grasp professional and effective B2B sales techniques to help businesses increase sales. In the article below, let's explore the top B2B sales techniques throughout the sales process to help B2B sales increase sales efficiency.


What is B2B sales engineering?

B2B sales engineering is the process of approaching, consulting, negotiating, and offering business solutions to other companies, organizations, and businesses. To be able to choose and use effective sales techniques, sellers need to understand the needs and desires of buyers and use ways to influence their psychology and make them buy.

Depending on different companies, products, and customers, business people have different techniques. Some businesses prepare pitching and convincing scenarios for employees. Others train employees to flexibly handle themselves to suit each situation.


Difficulties in B2B sales

There are many difficulties when it comes to B2B sales, such as:

  • Easily discouraged, the psychology of giving up early: B2B sales is not as simple as B2C sales, so the psychology of being depressed and wanting to give up, thinking that you are not suitable for the profession is inevitable.
  • Often rejected: Clients are highly qualified, fastidious and thorough. So they are very considerate in the purchase decision-making process.
  • Requires high soft skills: B2B sales is one of the professions that requires skills such as communication, handling situations – this is one of the required factors.
  • Sales pressure: When it comes to sales, sales pressure is inevitable and whether or not that pressure can be overcome depends on each person's ability.
  • Multiple competitors: If your company or brand is not a monopoly on products or services or is a market leader in the industry, then facing many competitors is a must for you.

Benefits of applying B2B sales techniques

Therefore, the application of B2B sales techniques will help sales staff increase work efficiency and higher order closing rates in a methodical way. The following are the sales benefits achieved when applying B2B sales techniques:

  • Increase sales: B2B sales techniques help increase sales by reaching more potential customers and increasing the conversion rate of customers into actual customers.
  • Increased competitiveness: By better understanding customer needs, businesses can come up with optimal solutions to meet customer needs, helping to increase competitiveness in the market.
  • Building long-term relationships: B2B sales techniques help build long-term relationships with customers, thereby creating trust and increasing the likelihood of customers returning to use your products/services.
  • Increase marketing effectiveness: B2B sales techniques help businesses come up with marketing messages that are suitable for customers, helping to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Make a difference: B2B sales techniques help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, helping customers to be aware of the value of the products/services they offer.

11 Ultimate B2B Sales Techniques

To help you get as many orders as possible, we'll suggest high-level sales techniques that are suitable for every business. 


a. Make a compelling offer

In addition to its products, businesses can give a few more attractive offers such as 24/7 support for their employees, gifts for accompanying businesses, etc. to make them want to buy more. Many traders offer product prices that include the above costs and they offer those incentives to convince and satisfy businesses to buy.

b. Cross-selling techniques

This is one of the effective selling techniques chosen by many people to increase sales. The seller will suggest more accompanying products, or offer package combos. Many customers are willing to buy those products to be the most optimal and ensure the best use of the product. 


c. Up-selling techniques

Sellers will suggest to customers to buy products that cost more than the original product they choose, meeting more customer needs. 


d. Diverse approaches

Instead of just using email and phone calls, businessmen should use many other methods such as organizing meetings, participating in business networking sessions, forums to meet and chat a lot with guests. Some businesses even create free training courses, and integrate their products and solutions as a way of advertising.


e. Offer the optimal solution

Every customer has problems that need to be solved. Sellers need to rely on that to convince them to buy, by provoking and asking questions about the situation they are experiencing. Then lead and suggest your product as the most optimal solution for them.


f. Help customers avoid barriers when using products

Be honest with buyers about the difficulties that may arise before and after purchasing the product, and offer solutions to solve the problem such as how to train employees to apply the product, how to use it effectively,...


g. Listening to customers 

Instead of just talking, sellers should listen to customers to understand their wants and requirements. Show that you care and want to bring the best solutions to buyers, not just make clichéd, stereotypical offers.


h. Telephone sales techniques

Instead of using complex vocabulary, sellers should choose vocabulary that is easy to understand, close and use a soft, moderate tone. In addition, you should ask questions for customers to express their wants, requirements, and problems, thereby getting information and connecting with them. 


Listening is also important. If you just talk constantly like a machine and don't care about the customer, they'll feel bothered and hang up immediately.

i. Create trust through social networks

Salespeople use social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Zalo to promote the company and brand, this also needs to pay attention to the images and content of the posts, elaborate so that they look professional. Posting customer feedback images will help the brand be more reliable, buyers are more assured of product quality.


j. Single Closing Technique

This is one of the most important techniques that sales need to apply to be able to sell, especially in B2B sales, buyers make purchase decisions much longer. Some closing techniques that B2B salespeople can refer to include:

  • Close orders using the "Now or Never" technique: This technique is effective because they create a sense of urgency and make the subject no longer hesitate to buy. Of course, sales must make customers feel the true value of the product before offering incentives or discounts, not rushing to use it when the customer still feels doubtful about whether to spend money or not.
  • Close orders with the summary technique: Salespeople often use this technique to remind customers about the products/services they want to buy (emphasis on value and benefits)
  • Questioning techniques: Salespeople need to ask exploratory questions very smartly. Good B2B salespeople will focus on selling as soon as the conversation starts. Through questions, they nurture the business's desire to buy.

k. Customer Care

During the sales stages, sellers need to care about customers by asking questions, learning their problems with the product, and giving them how to solve the problem,... Besides, you can send customers cards, wishes, or coupons on special occasions. They will feel more cared for and love for your brand.


Effective B2B sales experience

In addition to the B2B sales techniques applied throughout the process, B2B salespeople need to grasp some of the following experiences to ensure successful sales:

  • B2B sales should not be rushed. Carefully research and consider the customer information you are in charge of
  • Don't be afraid of being rejected. With this customer file, they are very careful in purchasing, but when the order is closed, the order value will be very large
  • Soft skills are extremely important: presentation, negotiation, negotiation, persuasion must be good,.. are skills that need to be cultivated and are mandatory
  • It is recommended to meet and negotiate directly at the customer's company to have a higher conversion rate.
  • Ensure that the documents must be fast, the contract invoice is complete.
  • Dress professionally, it will cause you to lose points from the first time you meet customers
  • Everything must be supported to increase the likelihood of closing a sale: tools, salekits, profiles,...

Above are effective B2B sales techniques that businesses can apply to increase their customer base as well as sales. Depending on the nature of your product, you can apply all of these techniques throughout the sales process or choose the ones that work for you. 


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