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4 Signs Your Business Needs to Change CRM

Learn about the signs that your business needs a more appropriate CRM system. From limited functionality to slow user adoption, recognizing these signals helps you transition to an optimal CRM solution.
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June 28, 2024

The story of choosing a suitable CRM (customer relationship management) system is decisive for the performance of the Sales team, is a headache for Sales Managers when choosing, and must be the choices when issued must be appropriate to the needs and situation. But on the long road, sometimes there are slopes that if the chosen CRM solution is lacking, the business cannot overcome it. A “broken” CRM system usually has one (or more) of the following 4 symptoms.

1. Difficult to master, no progress in application

Buying CRM is to optimize the sales process. CRM serves the Sales team and Sales serves customers, customers are satisfied, customers are satisfied. But one thing may not be paid attention to - the user's feeling: CRM users (Sales Rep) do not feel comfortable using it, do not find it interesting, but feel like they are being forced to report , feels stiff, every time I do it I have to start over from the beginning. This is when businesses need to find other solutions.

So what does the "other remedy" require?  

  • Motivation for direct users, specifically Sales and a CRM designed with enough strategic depth for the audience, or Sales Manager.
  • Proficiency means the more you use it, the more you understand it, the more you like it, the more you save time and apply many features to your daily work.
  • The interface is easy to see and understand, with any "touch". users can easily understand what action needs to be taken.
  • The interface is one thing, the information on the interface is selected and complete so that management aspects to help users work effectively cannot be ignored.

2. Orientation on how to use the word "bottom up"

There are 2 main levels when using CRM: Sales team and Sales Manager. If CRM is a place for Sales to update work progress, and Manager only monitors, then Manager will always be "one step behind" in planning. On the contrary, when approaching from the "top down", the Manager must be the pioneer in using CRM, setting KPIs, forecasts (forecasts), then monitoring and managing the progress of the Sales team, evaluating the quality of the sales team. customer relationships, etc.

When the size of the Sales team is large, "top down" is the ideal method for thorough management and the only way to ensure smooth operations. But if you focus on "above" and neglect "below", the Sales team will feel bored and no longer motivated to do their best. During use, if the product is rigid, slow to load, or not designed properly. Logically, regular users will find it difficult to "love" CRM.

3. There is no mobile version

Why do we need "mobile"?

  • Real-time updates: Sales has just performed an interaction with customers, has new leads,... all Sales information can be updated quickly, and management can update progress over time real food from anywhere, anytime.
  • Work anytime, anywhere: Whether on a plane, in a car, or anywhere, Sales Rep can easily use CRM on mobile phones to manage and update.

4. Lack of support, helplessness when using

Support-related “diseases” include: First, deployment is cumbersome, slow, causes data loss, and is expensive.Next, poor training and no investment in researching each customer's case. Like tailoring clothes, implementing CRM also requires measurement and user research to customize features and usage to suit each customer's specific situation.

Training issues combined with almost non-existent customization and off-the-shelf purchases will give customers a CRM experience that is not accurate and confident. Finally, technical issues make the software less effective. many encounter.

However, the difference between a good or bad product experience is the resolution. Who is the point of contact to handle this issue? How long does it take to receive and process? Is the problem thoroughly resolved? If the answers to the questions are not adequate, then the current CRM does not satisfy users with confidence.

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