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OplaCRM Receives Seed Investment from GOSU

The strategic investment from GOSU reflects their high expectations for the capabilities and product development approach of the OplaCRM team.
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June 28, 2024
Ông Nam Nguyễn, sáng lập kiêm CEO OplaCRM vừa công bố khoản đầu tư vòng hạt giống từ nhà phát hành game GOSU.
Mr. Nam Nguyen, founder and CEO of OplaCRM, has just announced a seed round investment from game publisher GOSU.

OplaCRM was founded in 2022 by Nam Nguyễn and three university friends from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Before starting OplaCRM, Nam held roles such as Principal Solution Consultant at Oracle Vietnam and Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce Singapore, providing CRM consulting and implementation for major clients in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and top global technology companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.

OplaCRM serves sales departments in industries such as chemicals, steel, construction equipment, building, import-export, IT solution consulting, and marketing agencies.

Before receiving investment, OplaCRM was already used by several businesses, notably KTG Electric, a supplier of electrical and lighting equipment under the brands AC Electric and Comet Electric, and the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Electric fans in Southern Vietnam. With over 25 years of experience, KTG Electric supplies products for major projects like Vinfast factories, Vinhome Central Park, Grand Marina Bason Saigon, Sunshine Golden River, and major supermarket chains such as Điện máy xanh, Coop Mart, and Aeon.

After using OplaCRM for six months, KTG reported significant improvements in team productivity and effectiveness, with a 30% increase in project success rates and a 20% increase in sales.

"OplaCRM operates as its name suggests—intuitive, easy to monitor, and easy to use. The implementation team was quick, on schedule, and kept their commitments. I am very satisfied with OplaCRM and believe the company has a bright future ahead," said Phan Trịnh Anh Tuấn, CEO of KTG Electric.

Nam Nguyễn, founder of OplaCRM, stated that the funds raised will be used to develop the sales team and product development for expansion into the US market.

"This strategic investment is not only financially significant but also helps leverage strengths in user experience design through gamification, international market sales experience, security, and large data processing efficiency from GOSU Corp. This exciting combination will create a new generation of CRM tailored to today's dynamic sales workforce," said Nam Nguyễn, CEO of OplaCRM.

"This strategic investment reflects GOSU Corp's high expectations for the internal capabilities and product development approach of the OplaCRM team.

GOSU Corp believes in, supports, and commits to providing maximum assistance in terms of experience and resources to enhance OplaCRM's operational efficiency in their journey to conquer international markets," said Lê Thanh Minh, Chairman of GOSU Online Corporation.

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