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What is PRM, Partner Relationship Management?

Partner relationship management, used especially in IT and cybersecurity industries, is a system of methodologies, strategies, software, and web-based capabilities which help a vendor to manage channel partner relationships.
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July 15, 2024

Perhaps no company does business without a partner. However, in Vietnam, "partner development" only revolves around the policy of introducing leads to receive commissions or bursting up and down spontaneously. In developed countries, partners have become a technology full of creativity and science. Specifically, they have an application called PRM – partnership management.

This app will help:

  • Partner registration, approval, and onboarding
  • Manage tiered commission policies, flexible and automatic payments
  • Providing information, interacting, and supporting multi-channel partners
  • Submit leads, share leads, integrate lead processing from the sales side (CRM)
  • Integrate CPQ (configure price quotation) systems to help partners make BOM (bill of materials) and quote to customers
  • Develop a cross-selling channel plan between suppliers to maximize the partner network: a partner can participate in many partner programs of many different suppliers
  • Good types of analysis, tracking, and prediction reports

Back to reality, despite many predictions that 2023 will be extremely difficult, it is likely that your business will still increase its sales target, right?

Do you have a way to increase sales, or in other words, what are you going to do to generate new leads?

Think about partner channel development. But, not everyone develops this channel effectively. There have been many vendors who have failed to build partner channels.

If you want to develop your partner channel effectively, use a PRM solution. Don't think of PRM as just submitting leads for commissions, it's a science that requires patience and creativity.

We here to help!

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